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Predictive Metrics for Real Estate Investors and Urban Planners

Predictive Metrics for Real Estate Investors and Urban Planners

Stay ahead of the market with global location insights from Habidatum Chronotope Big Data Platform

Stay ahead of the market with global location insights from Habidatum Chronotope Big Data Platform

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Success stories

Success stories

Sample report

Purchase the report containing Location Risk Score and supporting metrics for each provided address

Use the symbol ; to separate different addresses

Use the symbol ; to separate different addresses

Why Choose Us

Global coverage

Large inventory of vetted global data partners in GPS, mapping and telecom

GDPR and CCPA compliant

Privacy-by-design database built in-house for secure highly granular data aggregation

Flexible delivery

Easy to use automated reports, API, interactive dashboard, csv

Data integrity

Cleansed & normalized, checked for comparability and equalization

Scoring & Analytics

Out-of-the-box risk metrics and scores adaptible to your financial models

Collaboration, thought leadership

Engaging with clients to design solutions that best meet their needs



— What can I purchase instantly?

To buy instantly, provide the address(es). You'll get map-based report with catchment area, visitation trend, Location Risk Score (LRS), and Best Use Basket.

— What does the Dashboard package include?

It includes LRS and detailed underlying metrics with monthly updates and historical records since 2019. Whole region is covered (all buildings or grid cells 50 to 500 meters).

— What are Location Risk Score customization options?

Customize LRS by Business Categories, filter metrics by factors like dwell time, day, and time. Request additional data feeds, uncluding spending trends or sentiments.

— Does Location Risk Score have predictive and AI capabilities?

LRS shows probability of future growth and resilience to economic shocks, based on property's surroundings. Best Use Finder suggests best uses for properties, even in greenfield areas.

— Global data coverage: how do you ensure it and where does the data come from?

Our data is global, from regional partners, global stores, and international experts. We use GPS, points of interest, travel time, satellite images and social media sentiment.

— What sets Habidatum apart?

We score locations with a unique system and a global AI platform. We have real estate, finance and urban planning experience, and make big data insights easy with scores and analytics. We help you act ahead of market trends.

Advisory Board

Hans van Daatselaar

Executive Officer at Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia

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Ian Bell

CEO of Prime Collateralised Securities, led structured finance at S&P Europe

More →

James Scott

Director of the Real Estate Transformation Lab at MIT’s Center for Real Estate

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Jenny Jackson

Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Charlotte's Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

More →

Jim Venturi

Founder and prin­ci­pal designer of ReThink Studio and ReThinkNYC

More →

Kathleen Corbet

Founder and principal of Cross Ridge Capital, Board Member of MassMutual Life Insurance and Clearwater Analytics

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Patrik Schumacher

Partner at Zaha Hadid Architects, Founding Director at the AA Design Research Lab

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Stefan Martinovic

Real Estate & Tech Entrepreneur, Adjunct Professor at NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate

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