Turning location risk into a financial benchmark

Habidatum delivers data feeds and analytics to enhance commercial real estate (CRE) financial models with location risk big data.

We provide standardized location risk scoring through Chronotope platform.


Location risk is out of a property owner's control.

Measurability of location risk helps commoditize real estate, turn it into a financial instrument, and multiply CRE growth potential.

Over the next few years location data feeds will likely become a benchmark for $1T+ market of commoditized CRE transactions.

"When Wall Street took on real estate in the form of REITs and CMBSs in the early 1990s, real estate had to commoditize what it built"
C. Leinberger, The Standard Real Estate Product Types
Success Story
Fortune-listed bank checked and approved new locations using the location scores by Habidatum.
The bank closed $100 000 000 worth of loans.

Data feeds

We structure raw data from trusted data providers into location scores. The location scores measure assets' locations and their catchment areas. The scores are based on the diversity of business activities, the volume of visits and spending, and transport accessibility.

To guide investment decisions, location risk data that feeds financial benchmarks needs to be accurate. Habidatum's state-of-the-art automated data quality control system improves data accuracy.

Habidatum provides historical, present, and forward-looking market-tested data feeds

Data vehicles

The data feeds are delivered via Habidatum's Chronotope platform interface, partner applications or otherwise as CSV, GeoJSON via SFTP or API.

Over the last 6 years, Habidatum has worked with dozens of customers in major cities across the globe, from Fortune 500 to local government agencies:
Developed international location risk product for F500 bank, comparing over a dozen major cities in Europe and USA by location activity divided by transit mode (walking, public transit, and driving).
Worked with Statebook International and NavigatorCRE to deliver a scalable solution combining real estate data and location data for large banks financing commercial real estate.
Worked with Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, Urban Institute and Accelerator for America to deliver Inclusive Growth Score™ under $1 M commitment to help distressed communities through inclusive investment.
Supported IFC in offering privacy-protected real-time intelligence on the flows of people through urban space to the cities seeking to gain better understanding of the impacts of COVID-19 related restrictions.
Participated in landmark urban planning projects, such as Walkable London study with Zaha Hadid Architects or Brainport Smart District urban vision.
Served location data feeds to the World Bank Competitive Cities Group to measure public space quality and usage patterns in Tbilisi, Georgia.
Built an interactive map of violent crime rates in the US cities within NYU's Marron Institute of Urban Management study AmercanViolence.
Collaborated with top-tier global universities like MIT, Northeastern University, NYU.
Habidatum is the official partner of FIABCI, the International Real Estate Federation.

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