Loan-to-Value Balancer


Improve underwriting quality with numerical ratios tailored by Habidatum from a set of comparative location data: instant, automated, historical, forward-looking, US wide

How it works

Qualify for better credit terms

Improve precision of credit underwriting



For property owners

Factor property location in credit analysis

Compare property location to millions of other locations via API and web reports

Check property location potential and its evolution over time instantly

Reduce underwriting cost

Select property and score it automatically for stress-testing and modeling

Reduce default risk and loss volumes
Shortlist "best use" and "best tenants" for underwritten property

benchmark location of a property against competitor locations

Monitor property location performance and its comparative standing

Forecast property future value

Reduce underwriting cost
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LTV Balancer report

Report includes:
Additional information on property location, such as:
Visits over time
Businesses moving in and out
Accessibility by transport and foot
Monthly and annual rent revenue estimates, based on customer data
Best business types list shows total number and structure of best uses. Provided is a list of best uses defined based on Location Risk Score. Best uses are structured by business types and industry from Standard Industrial Classification (SIC).
Location liquidity rate is a relative measurement of the number of best uses – their proportion (0 to 1) from the total number of SIC business types present in the benchmark area (MSA as an example). High-Medium-Low caption reflects property's Location liquidity rate on the scale of other properties' rates in the benchmark area.

The higher the rate, the more flexibility the property owner has, meaning that the ability to change tenants is high as well as tenant demand for this type of property and location. This higher liquidity helps the owner to take quicker actions on reuse and sale.
This is also the main indicator of risk/potential for a lender or investor.
Location liquidity rate
Best use recommendations
Best use statistics by business type
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