Location Potential / Risk for Commercial and Residential Real Estate

• Liquidity risk
• Asset Management
• Investment Strategy

Monitor and predict location trends for:

Adjust financial performance targets of portfolios, make precise projections, perform asset comparisons, and formulate investment strategies

Location Potential / Risk index (LPR) and interactive map based on business and human activity data

Benchmark real estate assets against LPR and sort by trend

Configure LPR based on asset type (e.g. retail, warehouse)

Applicable for CRE portfolio management, lending, (re)insurance, and site selection


"Location, location, location"

It is the number one rule in real estate, and often the most underestimated.

Big data

Data from connected devices and location-based apps provides insights on status quo and future trends of locations.

Single index

Use data to inform location-specific investment decisions. A single index measuring commercial diversity, dynamic activity patterns and area accessibility.

PropLocation – A regularly updated data-feed, automated reports, and interactive dashboard
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